office screens

sometimes you need a bit of privacy

Office screens have been used for many years to segregate floor space in offices and to separate individual desk space. What were once only available in fabric with limited colour choices, now come in different materials, shapes and sizes. 

To allow you to tie in with your branding, screens can be purchased in a vast array of colours and can even incorporate your company logo or school crest

floor standing screen or desk divider?

There are 2 types of screens you can get for your office. Ones which are floor standing which come with either feet or castors, or desk dividing screens with brackets to fix them to your desk top.

what do you want it to be made from?

Fabric screens are still a very popular type of screen to use for both floor standing screens and desk dividers. Some of the reasons for this are familiarity and budgets.

Screens made from fabric generally start a lower price point, making them a perfect choice when your budget is at the forefront of your decision making process.

One of the distinct advantages in using fabric screens is that they have excellent acoustic properties to deaden sound. Another key element to fabric screens is they create a visual barrier which adds to privacy.

Another materials now being used in office screen manufacturing is acrylic sheets, this is the material which tends to be commonly associated with the brand "Perspex", and are very effective where you want light to be able to get through.


Optional frosting increases privacy from a visual standpoint, and similarly to what you might do with an office window, you can have your logo affixed to them to add to your corporate image.

Screens are now also being manufactured as a hybrid option, where the lower part of the screen is in the more traditional fabric, while the upper part of the screen is part-glazed in acrylic.

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what shape do you want?

For floor standing acrylic screens there is an option of having a flat or curved surface. Curved screens are commonly used in reception areas to define separate spaces for example a waiting area for visitors and guests.

Fabric screens offer different shapes across the top of the screen, these can be flat, angled from one side, curved or with a wave shape.

Applying the use of shapes when choosing your office screens can add to the overall appearance and style of your project

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