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When designing your space, whether you're a school, college or business, it's important to take into consideration your storage needs.

You might need somewhere to store files, books, bulky equipment or stationery, and you should always think about how your needs may change in the future and ensure you have the appropriate storage solutions in place.

what do you want from your storage?

Once you know what you need to store, there are 4 key points which you need to decide in order to pick the most appropriate option.

- The material - For the most part, storage solutions can be purchased in either metal or wood

Metal storage is particularly effective for storing items for which you would want a degree of protection in the event of a fire, for instance financial documents, or cash.

- Mobility         - Does the item need to be moved?

Many items of storage furniture can be supplied with the option of castors, which makes moving them around the office easier.

- The finish      - What colours of furniture do you currently have, and can you get storage to match?

Most stock items are available in a range of colours and finishes. Our design and build service can produce storage furniture in virtually and colour, and we regularly work with clients to provide furniture which compliments their existing colours and styles.

- Security        - Does it need to be locked?

Items such as, desk pedestal drawer units are a great place for staff to keep personal belongings secure while at work. Tambour cupboards are often used by management and accounts departments to store files which could contain financial or confidential information which needs to be stored away with restricted access.

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Our design and planning team can help you establish the best storage solutions to meet your needs.

Contact us today for more information.