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The first step is for one of our knowledgeable consultants to meet with you at your premises to discuss the vision for your individual project. We’ll talk about your business, project timescales, budget and future growth plans. Our consultants will use this opportunity to learn as much as possible about your business, to help us guide you through the process. We’ll ask questions to prompt thought and discussion on areas which might not have been considered yet to ensure your project is a successful one from the beginning.

Office furniture consultation
Office furniture survey

The survey is a vital element of our service, and something which we need to do before we can look at the cost of any project. It’s an opportunity for us to not only measure the space you are looking to furnish, but to also look at elements which may have been otherwise overlooked. Simple things like the locations of; radiators, electrical outlets, data sockets or the way a door swings open can be the difference between the success and failure of an installation. Sadly, these things are an afterthought for some office furniture retailers. With us, it’s essential to consider all of these things in advance to allow us to provide a fixed cost for your project.

space planning

Office space comes at a premium; your rent, business rates and insurances are all determined by the size of the space you occupy. As such, it’s vital that you utilise your space in the best way possible to give you the optimum return on your investment. When it comes to planning the most effective use of your space, simple things can make all the difference. Our consultants understand this better than anyone else, and can come up with practical solutions to ensure you get the most from your available space.

Office Space Planning
Office Design Cnsultancy
design consultancy

Our design service works in conjunction with our space planning to add the creative flair to the practical considerations we make. Taking into account your budget, company branding, desired image and space requirements, our design team can create high quality drawings to provide you with a clear view of your completed project. Where required, using the latest modelling technologies, we can create a high impact 3D view of your completed project.

project management

In order to maintain consistency from start to finish, our consultants, design team and fitters work closely on your project to ensure everything that is discussed during the consultation, planning and design process is reflected in your installation. It’s not uncommon for different departments to be disjointed, with the end result being a project that has failed to deliver what was promised. We’ll document every element of your project from the outset, and our team will manage your project through to completion in line with the agreed parameters.

Office installation project management
Office furniture delivery and installation
delivery and installation

Our delivery and installation service operates across the whole of the UK. We pride ourselves on our fast, friendly and efficient service. You want your project delivered and installed while causing as little disruption as possible to your business, and so do we.

Our fitters are trained in line with health and safety requirements and always make every effort to keep noise to a minimum when working on installations in an operational environment.


Need to replace your furniture but don’t have the capital available to finance the project fully? Perhaps you’ve got the capital, but like the idea of making your furniture an operational expense instead, or maybe you’d just like to keep your money in the bank and pay monthly?

Either way we have the option available for you. Leasing can be a cost effective way to finance an office interior project by splitting the cost over 1-5 years. We’ve teamed up with a leading UK wide leasing broker so that we can provide you with the best rates available for your leasing requirements.

Office furniture leasing
Bespoke office furniture design & build
bespoke office furniture - design & build

There is no such thing as one size fits all, there is always an exception to the rule and furnishing your office is no different. For the most part, the products we provide can be manufactured in a variety of styles, colours and sizes, but sometimes it’s just not enough.


Perhaps you’ve got a recess you’d like to use for storage and an off the shelf cupboard is too big, or not big enough?


You might have a meeting room where one size of table is too big and doesn’t leave enough room for chairs, yet the size smaller doesn’t utilise the space to its fullest?


Or maybe, you just want something truly unique for your business?


Whatever your requirements we can help. We can design and manufacture beautifully crafted bespoke furniture for your office space.