radial desks / corner workstations

what are radial desks/corner workstations, what are they good for and why?

Radial desks (sometimes referred to as corner workstations or crescent desks) are probably one of the most commonly used style of desk, and it's not without good reason. This style of desk is flexible and does have many advantages in the workplace

"teamwork makes the dream work"

The shape of radial desks and the layouts you can create make them perfect for small teams, for instance departments like finance / marketing or even groups working on particular business projects.It allows them to communicate and collaborate effectively to complete projects, meet deadlines and generally get the job done, while still giving the individual worker their own work space with the use of privacy screens.

the desk space is generous

The design of the workstations is not new, in fact the design was originally intended to allow space for the old style of PC monitors (you know the ones - big square boxes...). Now that monitors are far shallower than what they once were, it's inadvertently given the workstations more space for you to work on.

plenty storage options

 - Desk-high drawer units

  • extend your desk space

  • provide lockable storage

  • typically come in 2 or 3 drawer options

  • provide the option of hanging file space

- Under-desk drawer units

  • provide lockable storage

  • have the same options as desk-high drawer units, but don't extend desk space

- Quadrants (quarter circles seen at the left side of the image to the right)

  • come with the option between lockable sliding doors or open-fronted.

  • provide ideal storage for box files and stationery

flexible configuration

Despite the picture above, this style of desk has endless configuration options beyond a 4 person workstation. You can have a single desk, in the corner of the room, you can have two against a wall, You can have 3, 4, 5, whatever it is you need. Making them a perfect choice in many a situation. Even in peculiar shaped offices you can use radial desks to create a flowing office space. (See below)

so, what should you consider when buying radial desks?

Despite the fact that radial desks do have clear advantages, there are also a number of things you should take into consideration when looking at them as an option for your office desks.

the legs

So what do you need to think about when it comes to your workstation legs?

Are they going to be seen?

If you plan to go with desk-high drawer units and/or quadrants, there is a good chance your desk legs won't ever be on display. If that's the case, then there is no need for any extravagance in terms of the leg - just a strong leg.

What makes a strong desk leg?

Workstations typically come with 3 types of leg option;

- Single-cantilever leg

  • These are typically found on the cheapest workstations and are ideal if you aren't overly concerned about how long your desk will last

- Panel leg

  • This is where the sides of the desk are made of panels, normally using the same material as the actual desk top

  • We tend to encourage customers to dismiss this type of leg as they are prone to accidental damage as a result of being dragged across carpet during DIY office re-shuffles

- Double-cantilever leg

  • For the little extra cost, the double-cantilever provides additional strength, ultimately extending the potential life of your desk

  • These also offer options for cable management within the leg itself

cable access and management

It sounds complicated - but it's not. Whether you believe it or not it's something that does not get considered fully.

In it's simplest form, you'll typically use computers of some description at your desk and they need 2 things (over and above the user), electricity and connectivity (internet / network access).

Due to the nature of the desk arrangement, this needs to be taken into consideration. Some offices have outlets and access in the floor, which is ideal. If floor outlets are not available, care needs to be taken to ensure cables and wires are routed safely to the workstation to avoid any nasty trips or falls.

our verdict

Workstations offer great value for money, and are ideal where you need small teams of people to work together. They are one of the more low cost style of desks, and with plenty of storage options to choose from are there is a good degree of flexibility. As long as you have the space to accommodate this arrangement of desks, and have access for power and data cables, they make a good choice for your office desk.

If you're interested in radial desks for your business or would like to discuss them as one option for you, talk to our team today and we'll work with you to establish whether they are the right choice for your business.