meeting room furniture

where style meets function

Your meeting room is often seen by everyone and gets used for a whole variety of things. You want it to look good, be functional and accommodate the needs of a 21st century business. What you need from your ideal meeting room will be determined by how you operate as a business, how much space you have available and what you use the meeting space for on a day-to-day basis.

the furniture

There are some commonalities between most meeting rooms in terms of their furniture, of course there are exceptions to the rules, you may decide you want a meeting room full of beanbags for instance, which may be right choice for your business.

Despite the similarities between most meeting rooms, the selection of colours, finishes, sizes and materials used to create the furniture opens up a near infinite number of possibilities when it comes to planning, designing and creating your unique meeting room.

the meeting room table

The meeting room table has evolved over the years, but one thing has remained consistent, it's the centrepiece of your meeting room. You may want yours to make a grand statement about you and your company, or you may prefer something contemporary and simple.


Whichever sort of meeting room table you want, you should consider it's location, the number of people you would like to seat comfortably and what you require in terms of things such as power, data and telecom connectivity. Our desks not only come in all shapes, sizes and colours but they also come with optional integrated accessories which support the requirements of today's modern meeting room.

Our meeting room gallery is the perfect place for you to see some examples of the different styles of meeting room tables available. It's only a snapshot of some of the options, so if you don't see anything which you like you should get in contact with one of our design team.

and you can't have a table without....chairs

At this stage, you've decided how many people need to sit comfortably at your new meeting room table, and therefore how many chairs you will need, so all that remains is to make sure that they're comfortable.


Now this may conjure up images of "padded" and "fluffy", but this isn't the case when it comes to your meeting room chairs. Chairs which are ergonomically designed provide a greater level of support, encouraging good posture which in turn makes a comfortable chair.

Once you've found your ideal chair in terms of comfort, you can choose from a range of colours and fabrics to meet with your desired style. For many manufacturers, seating is their specialism and we are fortunate to work closely with some of the very best, giving us a huge selection of very high quality seating.


With access to many showrooms across the UK, where you can meet product specialists and speak directly with seating designers, we can help you can gain a much greater understanding in terms of the importance of well designed seating and give you the best guidance when choosing your ideal meeting room chairs.

where can I keep the....

When it comes to storage for your meeting room it tends to be multi-functional. It's common to provide refreshments like tea and coffee when holding meetings with your staff or clients, however the last thing you would want is to be serving them up from your new meeting room table.

A small cupboard or credenza unit at the side of the room provides the perfect place to serve refreshments, while also giving you somewhere to store refreshments and other items like whiteboard pens, flip-chart refills or remote controls for projectors between meetings.

Perhaps your company has received accolades or awards for the work you've done, maybe you've won trophies for taking part in charity tournaments or you might manufacture items which you take pride in and you'd like your guests to see, if so a glazed display unit could be just what you need.

getting the most out of your meeting room

Once you've chosen furniture for your meeting room, the last consideration is in the detail and finishing touches. There are lots of different accessories you could use in your meeting room, some offer practical function, others add to the style of your room and some do both.

Functional accessories for your meeting room, could be integrated power, data and connectivity modules in your meeting table, or cable management to avoid unsightly wires. It could be something like a projector, interactive whiteboard, or conference phone module.

When you want to add to the style of your meeting room, things like plants can be a good addition, artificial plants are incredibly lifelike these days and are low maintenance. Adding some canvas wall art can bring additional flair to your meeting room. One of the best ways to round off your meeting room space is to incorporate your company logo.

To discuss your meeting room project, get in contact with our design team, or for more inspiration visit our meeting room gallery where you'll see a variety of different styles of furniture and configuration options.