height adjustable desks

why use height adjustable desks?

A quick google search will bring back lots of different results to this question. As the name suggests, the height of these desks can be adjusted to allow the user to either sit down to work, or stand up to work. They are also referred to as "sit/stand" desks depending on who you speak to.

The desks typically come with either a single or double electric motor to move the desk to the desired working height.

The companies who manufacture these desks promote their use as a way to improve your staffs mobility within the workplace and decrease the inactivity associated with sitting, that being said standing on your feet all day can have it's own negative impacts on the users health.

We believe that these are a fantastic piece of furniture to use, to enable staff to choose whether they prefer to sit or stand while working but it's important to maintain a balance between the two.

Height adjustable desks
other applications

A prime example of where height adjustable desks could be used would be in the offices of architects, surveyors, construction companies, or design and advertising agencies. In these types of business it's common for small teams of people to have to review blueprints, floor plans and collaborate on projects. Holding a quick "huddle" at a height adjustable desk works perfectly.

Another area, where we have seen these desks work well is within call centres. Working in a call centre can be quite a demanding job in which it is easy for fatigue to set in throughout the day. Encouraging agents to stand even for 1 hour out of the day, perhaps after lunch can increase energy, enthusiasm and ultimately productivity.

Height adjustable desks can be used to accommodate the needs of particular members of staff. A common application is to give one to staff who are pregnant who may be experiencing discomfort sitting all day or to a member of who may have a medical condition which causes pain and discomfort during long spells of sitting in the one place.

Our staff can work with you to establish whether height adjustable desks are the right choice for your company.


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