executive office desks

what makes an executive office desk?

When you're looking for an executive office desk, often there is very little to distinguish them from your regular office desks.


There are a few exceptions to this rule, as some executive furniture ranges incorporate glass tops into the design, which is something you do not see on standard desk ranges.

One of the other factors which comes into play is that executive office desks are typically part of a broader range for furniture for the executive office. Often items such as meeting tables, storage units, display cabinets and filing systems make up a range of products designed specifically to give the executive office a refined, stylish look.

This extends into seating, with many executive office chairs having matching visitor chairs to compliment a small private meeting table.

Beyond this, some executive desks have a thicker desk top. All the desks we provide have desk tops which are a minimum of 25mm in thickness. Some executive desks can have tops with a depth between 35 and 60mm. This is typically for style or appearance as the 25mm desk tops offer plenty of strength to a desk design.

Our consultants have worked on many executive office projects and understand how to get the most from your space. For more inspiration or to discuss an upcoming project contact our team today