educational furniture

flexibility and safety are key

When it comes to furniture for an educational establishment much depends on the type of learning provider, be it a nursery, primary school, secondary school, college or university.

One thing that remains consistent throughout all educational furniture products is that they need to be flexible to support a dynamic learning environment and accommodate space which serves as multipurpose.

For all students, in particular younger ones, safety is paramount. Safety measures such as rounded corners on desks, storage cupboards, bookcases and chairs are essential to minimise risk.

But it's not all about the classrooms. Areas for dining, common rooms, staff rooms, offices and breakout areas all need to be considered too.

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nurseries, playgroups and pre-schools

There are lots of things to consider when furnishing an early learning environment. Toddlers are full of energy and spend a great deal of their time running before they've yet mastered walking and this puts them at a higher risk of falling or bumping into things.

Furniture which is bright in colour helps children see it more clearly to reduce the chances of them running into it, and the simple use of rounded corners on wooden furniture decreases the risk further.

Moulded plastic chairs are designed not to have any gaps where children can nip fingers to prevent the risk of injury.

For early years providers there is a great need for storage for books, toys, sports equipment and craft materials to name but a few. Having functional storage which is accessible by the children is incredibly important, as is having storage they can't access for instance first aid kits which need to be on hand for emergencies.

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primary schools
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As children continue on their learning journey into primary school the furniture needs change. Primary schools have a finite amount of space available in which teachers need to deliver the entire curriculum.

A classroom may have to serve as a gym hall, a music room, a drama studio and in some smaller schools even as the dinner hall.

With a finite amount of time in the school day too, teachers, learning assistants and school support staff need flexible furniture solutions which are easy to move and store in order to accommodate this dynamic environment.

Practical storage in the primary school is necessary to store children's work, along with subject specific materials and equipment while not in use.

For primary schools which have IT rooms or computer benches in the classroom we can provide cable management and integrated power outlets conforming to BSI6396:2008 for electrical system in office and educational furniture.

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secondary schools

The environment in secondary schools becomes different once again, children are starting to mature towards being young adults. Classrooms tend to be focused on one subject, with much more dedicated space for areas of the curriculum such as IT, music & drama.

Each of these subject specific areas has it's own unique needs when it come to purchasing furniture and equipment.

Secondary schools tend to have a greater number of students, teachers and support staff which also creates an increase in the need for furniture solutions for places such as dining rooms, libraries, staff rooms, headteachers offices and administrative areas.

With the additional space to furnish it's vitally important to ensure value for money in the procurement process. Furniture should come with long term warranties, and be robust when it's for use by teenagers.

When investing in furniture for a secondary school it's wise to consider any potential future changes in class sizes. Furniture which is flexible can be a distinct advantage in this area

secondary school furniture

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colleges and universities
College / University furniture

By the time the learning journey reaches colleges and universities, children are no longer children, they have become young adults and are joined by students of all ages.

In terms of furniture requirements, colleges and universities are very similar to secondary schools in that they have dedicated space for individual subjects, and also have many other spaces such as libraries, canteens, IT suites and offices.

Often universities have a further requirement to furnish their halls of residence for students on campus. Many of our office furniture manufacturers have diversified their product offerings to bring affordable options to market for kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces in student accommodation.

Colleges and universities can incorporate their colours or crests into key areas such as their reception areas, libraries, study halls and breakout areas to promote a sense of inclusion for their students.

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