bench desks

what is a bench desk?

In short, the name tells you what it is. Bench desks are effectively a desk system, which has the characteristics and appearance in line with that of a bench. They're a more modern, contemporary style of desk, which have some unique attributes. Bench desks are made from 2 different materials; steel forms the under-structure of the desk, while the work surface is made from wood based material similar to what you would expect from an office desk.

what makes bench desks so special?

The style of bench desks works perfectly to provide a desk solution for any number of people. There are desks which can be used for 1 person working independently while the many configuration options allow for a bench desk system to accommodate any number of staff. Bench desks are ideally suited for office spaces where a linear layout is required, or from a design perspective where clean, straight edges are sought.

the desk space is flexible

One of the major advantages in using bench desks is that they are designed in such a way, so that supporting legs are not immediately visible along a row of desks. This is a practical element of their design, as well as being an aesthetic one. The picture below shows how this leg system

they're designed to be practical

looks. It is this design that gives bench desks an advantage when it comes to flexibility in work-space.

The picture shows the frame which would be used to support 4 desk tops. As you can see the central supporting legs are under the centre of the desk.


The frame in this picture is 3.2m long and 1.6m wide, which would make it the equivalent of 4 desks which were 1.6m long by 0.8m wide. Due to the fact the bench desk has no legs down the side of it, rather than being a purely a desk for 4 people it's possible to have different configurations by allocating space on the desk, rather than the desk itself.

This proves invaluable where certain job roles may require more space than others.

Bench desks, should be considered as a desk system, and that system has been designed to not only look good in your office space, but to also be extremely practical. With integrated cable management options, and further accessories aimed at ease of use and also the comfort, health and well-being of your staff, this style of desk becomes a fantastic choice.

what are the configuration options?

The elements of the bench desk system are modular, meaning if you wanted a single run of bench desks 20 metres long you can have it. This would give the appearance of 1 very long desk and you'd still only have legs visible at either end. This is achieved by adding sections of desk where the under-frames are bolted together

integrated cable management

Regardless of whether your power and data comes from wall sockets, trunking or floor access points, our bench desk system has many options to not only hide unsightly wires and cables but to also protect your staff from trips and falls.

The central supporting legs, which are such an important part of the design, also serve another function. As you can see from the first picture they can be used to create vertical cable risers to route wires from floor access points up to the cable management tray.

The next 2 pictures show how the cable management tray can be accessed from underneath the bench desk but also from above using the optional sliding tops.

our summary

Bench desk systems offer fantastic value for money, however the pricing of bench desks can vary significantly from one manufacturer to the next. They're perfectly suited to call centre environments as one example, where new agents might require supervisors or "call buddys" to work alongside them or listen in to calls. The cable management and desktop outlets are a massive time-saver, when it comes to IT and telecom deployments.

If you're considering a bench desk system, or even if you're currently undecided, get in contact, visit our office furniture gallery or better still both, as we'd like to work with you to establish the best fit for your business and at the right price too.