creating practical spaces

You want your office space, reception or boardroom to stand out visually, but you also want them to be practical, functional spaces as each serves a vital role in your business.

Accessories can add to your offices appearance, but many contribute functionality, some do both.

There are predominantly 3 types of accessories when it comes to your office installation of refurbishment project.

  • power and data accessories

  • ergonomic accessories

  • desk accessories

There will be other things you could need, but these are the main ones.

power and data accessories

One of the areas which has grown in the office furniture industry is integrated accessories for both power and computer networking.

There are a host of items which come under this category, with new ones being developed all of the time. Some examples of this are things such as wireless mobile phone chargers, desktop power outlets, desktop network connections, energy monitoring stations and a variety of cable management products.

All of the integrated power products which we provide are all manufactured in line with BS6396:2008 electrical systems in office & educational furniture. This is essential to ensure safety for all users.

Practical office space
In-desk power and data sockets
ergonomic accessories
Screen mounted monitor arm

When we talk about ergonomic accessories, these are basically additional items which can be added to your furniture to provide the user with a much more comfortable working environment.

They're generally very simple items which can make a big difference in the day-to-day working life of staff. One of the most popular products in this section are monitor arms.

These serve a dual purpose as they raise the PC monitor, or monitors, up to eye level which encourages a better seating posture. They also neatly hide unsightly wires from view.

Other things which come into this category are footstools, wrist rests and under-desk CPU holders, all of which contribute to the optimum work environment, and improve staffs wellbeing.

desk accessories

The point of these, is to make sure staff have everything that they need to help them work efficiently.

As you see from the photograph, these fasten to a desk dividing screen which has what we call a "tool rail" across the top.

They not only ensure staff have all they need on hand, they also keep desks neat and clutter free by taking some of the typical items and elevating them.

Shelves, paper trays, lamps, pen holders, mobile and tablet holders, even name holders which are especially useful in larger companies to encourage a sense of community. They could also be a good way to make new starters at your company feel welcome by having your existing staffs names on display.

In some instances, these accessories can be retro-fitted to your existing office furniture.

Screen mounted desk accessories

Obviously there are other office accessories which you might want to consider, like coat pegs, hat stands, recycling containers, waste baskets, plants or fish tanks, all things which can help add that personal touch to your offices. A nice finishing touch at the end of an office installation or fit out is to get your company branding more visible for your, whether it's simple wall vinyls, acrylic signs or something back-lit, they're all a fantastic way to stamp your identity and create your ideal office.

To arrange a consultation, site survey or even just to talk through some ideas, call us today and we'll give you all the time and assitance you need to design and implement your project.